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1)  sausage seasoning
2)  sausage making the easy way
3)  carraba's italian grill sausage and peppers
4)  summer sausage (mettwurst)
5)  english sausage rolls
6)  chicago-style sausage and peppers
7)  frank sinatra's sausage and green peppers
8)  sausage
9)  italian sausages with peppers and onions
10)  aussie sausage rolls
11)  country sausage pecan dressing
12)  magnolia's spicy shrimp, sausage and tasso gravy over creamy white grits
13)  sausage-mostaccioli bake
14)  sausages and peppers
15)  North Country Sausage
16)  lisa vento's sausage spinach pie
17)  sausage stuffed manicotti
18)  nigerian beef and sausage
19)  Turkey Sausage Patties
20)  smoked sausage and hash browns
21)  fiesta sausage with pineapple
22)  sausage and cheese calzone
23)  coca-cola glazed kielbasa
24)  sausage-cornbread dressing
25)  grits scrapple
26)  whistler's walk cajun cafe chicken and sausage gumbo
27)  sausage lasagna wraps
28)  pasta with chicken, sausages and peppers
29)  seven wives inn sausage en croute
30)  tortiglioni with spicy sausage sauce
31)  Louisiana Hickory-Smoked Andouille
32)  pork scrapple
33)  from the bayou chicken and andouille sausage gumbo
34)  smoked sausage lasagna
35)  sausage fondue ole
36)  zachary's creole cuisine homemade hot sausage
37)  polenta and sausage
38)  spuds and sausages in a bag
39)  cabbage and garlic sausage
40)  southern sausage muffins
41)  nana's spinach and sausage pie
42)  grilled chic-sausage wraps
43)  colorful sausage and bell peppers
44)  italian sausage calzones


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