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1)  Napa Valley Chocolates Marshmallow Snowmen
2)  chocolate peanut butter balls
3)  chocolate covered cranberries
4)  chocolate covered coffee beans
5)  marshall field frango mint chocolate mousse with brandy
6)  olive garden chocolate lasagna filling
7)  chocolate skillet cake
8)  aztec chocolate cake
9)  claim jumper chocolate motherlode cake
10)  microwave chocolate bread pudding
11)  chocolates with jelly centers
12)  marshall field frango mint chocolate brownies
13)  white chocolate raspberry cream pie
14)  miss daisy's bourbon chocolate pecan pie
15)  caramel dipped chocolate covered pretzels
16)  raspberry chocolate fudge red velvet cake
17)  thalhimers' bakery six layer chocolate cake
18)  philadelphia chocolate royale cheesecake
19)  chocolate-sour cream pound cake
20)  cheesecake factory german chocolate cheesecake
21)  chocolate knox blox
22)  Chocolate Pecan Bars
23)  chocolate bondage with lush chocolate sauce
24)  chocolate chip cannoli
25)  Orange Chocolate Bars
26)  kahlua chocolate fondue
27)  chocolate kiss rose buds craft
28)  st. regis hotel and spa white chocolate martini
29)  chocolate sandwich gobs
30)  chocolate-marshmallow fondue
31)  opryland hotel upside down jack daniels double chocolate cheesecake
32)  king david's chocolate-covered coconut macaroons
33)  white hot chocolate
34)  cream cheese chocolate chip pound cake
35)  Hershey's Chocolate Chip Bars
36)  chocolate macaroon tunnel cake
37)  the links grille chocolate-caramel hole in one
38)  olive garden chocolate ricotta pie
39)  chocolate hazelnut mousse
40)  hot chocolate tapioca
41)  grand floridian cafe chocolate crusted key lime pie
42)  real hot chocolate
43)  chocolate raspberry bread
44)  rum-chocolate fondue
45)  simple chocolate pie
46)  highlander chocolate scones
47)  white chocolate dipped strawberries
48)  gourmet hot cocoa mix
49)  Chocolate Crinkle Cups
50)  Chocolate Peanut Butter

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