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1)  The math one-liners
2)  Two plus two is five
3)  Statistical one-liners
4)  Three is equal to four
5)  Crocodile is longer
6)  Math is turning bad
7)  Story about infinity
8)  The fate of marriages
9)  Purchasing the shoes
10)  All numbers are equal
11)  Refrigerate elephants
12)  The results of statistics
13)  One is negative one
14)  N equals N plus one
15)  Numbers equal zero
16)  Dollars equal ten cents
17)  Four is equal to five
18)  Reducing travel risk
19)  The birthday study
20)  Answering machine
21)  Misunderstood people
22)  Equal positive integers
23)  Proof E equal to one
24)  One plus one are two
25)  Worries while flying
26)  One equal to one half
27)  Risk of plane bombs
28)  Dollars equal cents
29)  Log negative one zero
30)  Debate about the box


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