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1)  How did Bill and Hillary Clinton first meet?
2)  How many people work in the U.S. government?
3)  How big is the penis of Bill Clinton?
4)  Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and Bill Clinton are sitting...
5)  Why does Bill Clinton wear underwear?
6)  Democrats V. Republicans
7)  How to call penis
8)  Famous Quotes
9)  A hundred prostitutes in Washington D.C. were asked...
10)  A bumper sticker
11)  Definition of politics
12)  Finally, Serbian hackers hacked the navigation systems...
13)  Bill Clinton Statue Committee
14)  A logical question
15)  One day there were these three boys walking down...
16)  New Chemical Element Discovered
18)  Build an Ark
19)  Three Republicans walk into a bar...
20)  What do you get when you cross a crooked politician...
21)  Bill of No Rights by Lewis W. Napper
22)  A tough dilemma
23)  Why doesnt Hillary wear short dress?
24)  What has four legs and smells like fish?
25)  Why are politicians like diapers?
26)  What is the difference between the government and the Mafia?
27)  Did you hear about the new downhill racing skis the ski resorts are selling this year?
28)  The Math Test
29)  A lying cheat
30)  How many politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?
31)  A survey of American women...
32)  If Ted Kennedy, Dan Quayle, Bob Packwood and Bill Clinton...
33)  During a recent publicity outing...
34)  The politician was sitting at his campaign headquarters...
35)  Democrats on the front porch
36)  Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb and Don Juan were having a terrible fight...
37)  And yet another Clinton joke
38)  Two men were stopped by a TV newswoman...
39)  Presidential Election worries
40)  Prosecutor: Mr. Clinton, did you have an improper relationship...
41)  In light of the latest allegations against President Clinton...
42)  The definition of sex
43)  A political man to a woman...
44)  Next US President
45)  The Australian liberal party announced today...
46)  Saddam HUSSEIN of Iraq wanted a special...
47)  A lady from California purchased a piece of timber land...
48)  President Clinton, returning from a campaign stop...
49)  Who will you choose?
50)  A letter to John Hinkley

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