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1)  Short Irish Jokes
2)  Clean Humor
3)  Leprechaun Jokes
4)  Humor about the Irish
5)  Two Irishmen
6)  Jokes about St. Patrick's Day
7)  Irishman went to a pet shop
8)  The origin of the bagpipes
9)  a mean looking woman
10)  Didja hear the news
11)  "E I E I O."
12)  I was pushing it
13)  blind farmer
14)  There goes another one
15)  trapped in a bog
16)  Scorcher Murphy
17)  Barty and Dunny
18)  Irish jokes in a pub
19)  Humor about St. Patrick's Day
20)  Murphy and his wife
21)  An Irish priest and a Rabbi
22)  Three old ladies
23)  Two Irish friends
24)  Humor about Irish Pubs
25)  Hilarious Humor
26)  Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal
27)  Jokes about Ireland
28)  Paddy and Seamus
29)  Irishman, Englishman and a German
30)  Humor about Leprechauns
31)  Murphy said to his daughter
32)  believing in leprechauns
33)  A surgeon and an architect
34)  you want a divorce
35)  Casey and Riley
36)  An American and an Irishman
37)  Spanish singer Julio Iglesias
38)  An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman
39)  The American tourist in Dublin
40)  O'Toole volunteered
41)  The Doctor was puzzled
42)  He'd wanted to be buried at sea
43)  Mrs. Dugan and Mrs. Riley
44)  An American tourist
45)  Casey married a rich widow
46)  Murphy won the Irish Sweepstakes
47)  I live in the flat above Paddy
48)  McQuillan walked into a bar
49)  Pat and Jimmy-Joe
50)  Paddy was an inveterate drunkard

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