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1)  Food one-liners
2)  Thin People Don't
3)  He's a real fun guy [fungi]
4)  Food laughs & humor
5)  Food quotes and quips
6)  Top ten ways to annoy your waiter
7)  A great fruit cake recipie
8)  What is this?
9)  M&M Evolution theory
10)  You should learn to be more polite
11)  Ice cream flavor galore
12)  Wise cooking advice
13)  Studying the twinkies
14)  Purchasing a turkey
15)  Purchasing power of burgers
16)  Caffeine addict quiz
17)  Improving fry cooking time
18)  Bad convenience foods
19)  A practical joke involving jello
20)  Sorry for eating the peanuts
21)  The family of tomatoes
22)  The bachelor's diet
23)  Why Engineers Don't Write Recipe Books
24)  Bottle of Evian water?
25)  Are caterpillars good to eat?
26)  Food fight in a store
27)  Constantly complaining about the temperature
28)  You can now eat your own plate
29)  The results of a study
30)  We could have been here sooner
31)  Placing your order
32)  I have a Microsoft waiter
33)  Purchasing mailing lists
34)  An error publishing an article


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