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1)  The 25 BBS Commandments
2)  Have a Microsoft Christmas
3)  Real opcodes
4)  Types of computer viruses
5)  New Microsoft Windows advertising slogans
6)  Programming language acronyms
7)  The Apple explosion
8)  Bill Gates picks his own punishment
9)  Software development cycle
10)  Some possible computer bumper stickers
11)  Error codes in Windows
12)  The Ten Commandments for C Programmers
13)  The problem is at your end
14)  Top Ten Ways Y2K Will Affect Disney World
15)  Diary of a computer lamer
16)  New product cuts stress
17)  Alice is in UNIX land
18)  Husband 1.0
19)  Computer help stories
20)  Twas the night before crisis
21)  Hacker syndrome
22)  How to shoot yourself in the foot
23)  If IBM ran Christmas...
24)  If Hewlett-Packard ran Christmas...
25)  If the Franklin Mint ran Christmas...
26)  Abbott calling Costello
27)  Girlfriend 1.0 software
28)  Possible IBM acronyms
29)  Floppy disk care
30)  Mailing list users changing light bulbs
31)  Fixing broken computers
32)  I have a keyboard error
33)  Computer lingo guide
34)  A husband with a computer addiction
35)  Definition of Windows
36)  Computer acronyms list
37)  Customer support logs
38)  Internet addictions
39)  Would you define OCR?
40)  If Silicon Graphics ran Christmas...
41)  The top ten signs that someone is using your e-mail account
42)  Oh the Internet is slow
43)  The top ten signs that your co-worker is a computer hacker
44)  If Cray ran Christmas...
45)  why the television is better than the World Wide Web
46)  Great news for Bill Gates
47)  If the NSA ran Christmas...
48)  If University of Waterloo ran Christmas...
49)  If Dell ran Christmas...
50)  I'm ignoring Y2K

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