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1)  Proof That Santa Doesn't Exist - For Nerds!
2)  You know you drink too much coffee when...
3)  a nerd, a nude, and a bike
4)  The Cow and the Chicken
5)  How To Be Annoying (A Guide)
6)  10 Signs Your Amish Teen's In Trouble
7)  Whats the diffrence
8)  45 Cool Things To Do In A College Dorm Shower Stall
9)  Had too much Christmas cheer?
10)  Bigfoot
11)  What's on your back?
12)  A Son's Love
13)  Jump out of the plane!
14)  Final Examination
15)  irish ... light bulb joke
16)  Did you ever wonder?
17)  You're so dumb...
18)  Motherinlaw's Funeral
19)  God vs Satan
20)  You Know You're Out Of College When...
21)  50 Fun Things To Do In An Elevator
22)  Accountants and Engineers on a Train
23)  Death becomes nerd
24)  Chinese and Spielberg
25)  Math
26)  Top Ten Subtle Differences Between College And Hell
27)  Mohammed and Douglas Adams
28)  .....olympics


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