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1)  Blonde and the Postman
2)  blonde and the bowling ball
3)  Three blonds on death row
4)  Blonde and The Coke Machine
5)  Blonde's medical exam
6)  Blonde and Hairdresser
7)  pillsbury dough boy
8)  The three wishes
9)  Blonde's memo to her boss
10)  blonde and the washing machine
11)  Blonde and screen door
12)  Blonde weighs baby
13)  Blondes and Turtles
14)  Blond Alligator Shoes
15)  Ventriloquist
16)  blonde swimming
17)  Question and answer blonde jokes
18)  I Want Some Milk
19)  Blondes change a lightbulb
20)  Turn back your car odometer
21)  even more blonde q and a's
22)  Your kid has been kidnapped
23)  blonde kidnap
24)  Buying a New Farm
25)  Rowing Your Boat
26)  Buying drinks at a bar
27)  The blonde test taker
28)  You've got mail
29)  Blonde Car Accident
30)  Guess who knows the state capitals?
31)  cant stop with the q and a's
32)  What type of prize did you win?
33)  Blonde Sky Divers
34)  blonde q and a's
35)  boat troubles
36)  Did you hear about the blond?
37)  Let's take a trip to Disney
38)  Are You Really Sure?
39)  How many sheep do I have?
40)  Shortage of parachutes
41)  Don't give us a bad name
42)  Mind telling me the time?
43)  blonde and the puzzle
44)  ice fishing
45)  I'm going ice fishing!
46)  did you hear about...
47)  What's in the bag?
48)  One wish to each
49)  Why are you yelling that?
50)  last requests

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