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1)  25 signs you've had too much to drink
2)  Who is Drunk?????
3)  Two Irish Men in A bar
4)  Furniture salesman
5)  Who can say this sentence?
6)  drunk guy and the nun
7)  12 Shots
8)  me drunk?
9)  beer and a box
10)  3 Vampires in Bar
11)  spit on my beer
12)  the knot
13)  Flush
14)  high tech
15)  Blowin Chunks
16)  Man in pub
17)  Make a horse Cry.
18)  Body Building
19)  Big 10 Inch
20)  I have a magical dancing duck
21)  The story of a very short man
22)  Twelve Inch Pianist
23)  The Hamster Show
24)  What causes people to have arthritis?
25)  A nun arrives at the local bar
26)  The Bar Basement
27)  Reasons to allow drinking at work
28)  In And Out Of Puddles
29)  the drunk contest
30)  Walks in a bar
31)  You looked a lot like my wife
32)  Stumpy Legged Pink Dog
33)  Female hormones in beer
34)  Cow Pat Lip Gloss
35)  The customs of an Irishman
36)  You can't bring that dog in this bar
37)  Newly issued alcohol warnings
38)  Looking to buy a frog?
39)  Making a bet at a bar
40)  A neutron at a bar
41)  A bet made at the local bar
42)  A very depressed man
43)  One Last Night
44)  Arriving home very drunk
45)  He is a very fast drinker
46)  They are stopped by the police
47)  A man takes the ferry home from work
48)  I'm just trying to be helpful
49)  I didn't get any money this time
50)  A seal visits a local bar

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