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   1 Click Encrypt is a highly secure encryption utility that brings military strength encryption power at your fingertips, assuring that your files, folders are secured and protected from intruders and spies. You can use this product to encrypt or securely hide any type of file, allowing you to relax a bit knowing that it is practically impossible to break the algorithms that where used in our application. Decryption methods are within the same utility that brings the encryption solution, not making any difference between different file types and treating them all like just a collection of bytes. It is done in such a way that nobody can decrypt them without proper authorization. Later on, with just one mouse click and the password decrypts the information into its original form. After encryption you can either choose to securely erase or preserve the original file, leaving only the secured data on your storage device. Possibility of generating an own cipher key is also present, allowing to implement custom encryption methods to your most sensitive data. It is now easy and secure to share all your data with family and friends, not being afraid that they will access your most important files. Anyone can send files encrypted with 1 ClickEncrypt over the network, even to people that do not have 1 Click Encrypt installed. This program allows encryption and decryption of single files, folders and entire directory trees. All confidential information is professionally protected by encryption algorithms such as AES - the US Government standard symmetric encryption algorithm and also Blowfish. Encrypt and feel secure. Nothing easier than that, at just 1 Click away. It will ensure very fast, comfortable and safe care of your data. It has inbuilt help backed with 24x7 unparalleled technical support. Make up your own mind now as the expense is worth it. Register now because program comes with an unconditional 30 days money back guarantee if you do not achieve satisfactory results.

1 Click Encrypt File Folder Encryption have been tested by team on 26 June 2006 and have been found 100% clean.

Download link
Size 1475KB
License Shareware
Price 29.95
Category Security & Privacy / Encryption Tools
Operating System Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
Developer Secure PC Solutions Inc

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Top Security & Privacy / Encryption Tools softs

Folder Lock 1)   Folder Lock 7.2.2
Folder Lock is a full suite solution that lets you keep your personal files encrypted and locked, while keeping an automatic and real-time backup of encrypted files to an online storage. It also offers portable security for USB drives and CDs/DVDs.
License:Shareware, $39.95 to buy Size: 9373KB

Excel Password Recovery Wizard 2)   Excel Password Recovery Wizard 2.0.2
Excel Password Recovery Wizard provides you with a friendly interface to recover Excel passwords in a flash. The built-in attack profiles enable rapid password recovery with only one key press. Recovery success is guaranteed.
License:Shareware, $29.95 to buy Size: 1515KB

Folder Password Expert 3)   Folder Password Expert
Folder Password Expert is a Windows security software program allowing you to lock and password protect folders on any drive including your USB drive, pen drive, flash drive, internal drives of your computer and even memory cards. Try it now.
License:Shareware, $39.95 to buy Size: 846KB

Callio Toolkit 17799 4)   Callio Toolkit 17799 1.02
This toolkit is comprised of a series of documents, tools, and other items brought together with the sole purpose of helping you understand the standard and enabling you to meet basic requirements for ISO 17799 / BS7799.
License:Demo, $0 to buy Size: 2302KB

Folder Vault 5)   Folder Vault
Folder Vault is a file security program allowing the user to hide, lock, encrypt and protect files and folders in the blink of an eye. With one master password FolderVault will protect your files, folders, drives from being accessed. Windows XP Vista
License:Shareware, $9.95 to buy Size: 2760KB

File Lock Professional 6)   File Lock Professional
File Lock PRO is a innovative file encryption software program that can password protect & hide files, lock & encrypt files, protect files located on your PC hard drive or any portable media such as USB drives. Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000.
License:Shareware, $14.95 to buy Size: 1960KB

Hpmbcalc Hex Calculator 7)   Hpmbcalc Hex Calculator 3.32
A programmable multiple-precision hex calculator with many utilities. With it, you can easily perform a lot of big number math and encryption operations, such as: square root, modular inverse; hash make; primality test; hex, dec, oct, bin conversion.
License:Shareware, $29.95 to buy Size: 1435KB

Folder Security 8)   Folder Security 2.5
Folder Security is a software program designed to password-protect folders. It lets you prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering your confidential documents. Folders remain protected should your PC be rebooted into Windows Safe Mode or DOS.
License:Shareware, $39.95 to buy Size: 755KB

ZoneAlarm Plus 9)   ZoneAlarm Plus 4.5.538
Keep your personal data and privacy safe from Internet hackers and data thieves.
License:Shareware, $50 to buy Size: 4.5 MB

Advanced Encryption Package 2006 Professional 10)   Advanced Encryption Package 2006 Professional 4.8.7
AEP2008 PRO most noteworthy feature may be its flexibility and military grade encryption: program includes 17 encryption algorithms (Rijndael, TWOFISH, BLOWISH, CAST, MARS, TEA, etc) to encrypt your files. It also includes file shredder. RSA supp.
License:Shareware, $49.95 to buy Size: 4576KB

New Security & Privacy / Encryption Tools softs

AutoKrypt 1)   AutoKrypt 10.05
Encryption software designed for automation. Automatically encrypt and decrypt files and folders. Encryption methods include password based, secret key, public and private key, OpenPGP password, OpenPGP public and private key. Run 1000+ tasks/day.
License:Shareware, $99.95 to buy Size: 41548KB

Advanced Encryption Package Professional 2)   Advanced Encryption Package Professional 5.84
The Windows 8 and 7 Compatible file encryption software with ability to encrypt/decrypt/securely delete your files.
License:Shareware, $49.95 to buy Size: 6051KB

CryptoExpert 2008 Professional 3)   CryptoExpert 2008 Professional 8.29
CryptoExpert 8 creates secure vaults that appears to applications like any other local drive. Any data that the user attempts to write to this drive is intercepted and encrypted by CryptoExpert. Drive is invisible without password.
License:Shareware, $59.95 to buy Size: 7457KB

SensiGuard 4)   SensiGuard 3.4
SensiGuard file encryption software is packed with powerful features like file and folder locking, usb flash drive protection and permanent file deletion. SensiGuard encrypts your most sensitive data on any PC running Windows XP,Vista or Windows 7.
License:Shareware, $39.00 to buy Size: 7344KB

Kryptel Encryption Suite 5)   Kryptel Encryption Suite 6.3
Kryptelite is an encryption software providing complete solution for secure data storage, be it a few files of a home user, or a multi-gigabyte company database. Fast, reliable, and easy-to-use -
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 7723KB

Kryptel 6)   Kryptel 6.3
Strong encryption is the only way to protect important data, and it is what Kryptel does. This full-features encryption software suite includes a rich set of tools - from simple drag-and-drop file encryption to complex batch encryption processor.
License:Shareware, $29.95 to buy Size: 13533KB

Max File Encryption 7)   Max File Encryption 2.0
Max File Encryption is a powerful yet easy-to-use encryption/steganography software. With Max File Encryption, you can encrypt files, hide files and create self-decrypting packages. The program uses the strong Blowfish algorithm, ensuring data safety
License:Shareware, $29.95 to buy Size: 1592KB

Silver Key 8)   Silver Key 4.14
Silver Key can encrypt any document using advanced encryption standard. The encrypted data can then be transferred over non-secure networks, like Internet or moved via CDs or flash drives. Safe file transfer over the Internet has never been easier!
License:Shareware, $29.95 to buy Size: 12235KB

Advanced Tracks Cleaner 9)   Advanced Tracks Cleaner 2.0.4273
Advanced Tracks Cleaner is a sexual powerful tool for your protection. Every day when you work on a computer, Windows keeps track of your activities on the computer, when you are connected to the Internet,
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 544KB

Folder Lock 10)   Folder Lock 7.2.2
Folder Lock is a full suite solution that lets you keep your personal files encrypted and locked, while keeping an automatic and real-time backup of encrypted files to an online storage. It also offers portable security for USB drives and CDs/DVDs.
License:Shareware, $39.95 to buy Size: 9373KB

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