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   This Civilization III Game of the Year edition includes three additional game maps and an excerpt from Prima's strategy guide. Experience a game of epic proportions where you match wits against some of the greatest leaders of the world in a quest to build the ultimate empire. This highly addictive journey includes exciting new features that enrich the Civilization experience. Now you can explore new pathways employ strategies and build and manage your empire with even more powerful tools.

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Size 388096KB
License Demo
Price 39.95
Category Games / Strategy
Operating System Win All

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Civilization III Game of the Year 1)   Civilization III Game of the Year
This Civilization III Game of the Year edition includes three additional game maps and an excerpt from Prima's strategy guide.
License:Demo, $39.95 to buy Size: 388096KB

World Domination 2)   World Domination 1.1
World Domination Game launched by Totally Game can claim to be one of the biggest and best turn based flash strategy game which gives a platform to those who desire to be world leaders.
License:Freeware, $ to buy Size: 2400KB

Star Monopoly 3)   Star Monopoly 1.0
Feel like a genius of stockjobbing and can't imagine yourself out of open trade and stock-exchange deal, if you sleep and dream about vast-scale machination and stock market game but can't make it real - this free game was made to make you happy!
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 617KB

Close Combat III: The Russian Front 4)   Close Combat III: The Russian Front
The latest game in the award-winning Close Combat series.
License:Demo, $19.95 to buy Size: 25.4MB

Army Men: RTS 5)   Army Men: RTS
A war game that forces players to think about how to strategically build and manage troops, vehicles, and buildings.
License:Demo, $0 to buy Size: 45.6MB

Master of Orion III 6)   Master of Orion III
In Master of Orion 3 the sequel to one of the best-loved strategy games you become the controlling force behind an entire galactic civilization.
License:Demo, $19.95 to buy Size: 239616KB

Majesty 7)   Majesty
Fortify and enhance your castle with over 30 different building types.
License:Demo, $14.95 to buy Size: 314368KB

Firefight 8)   Firefight 3.0
Firefight is a World War II real time simulation game. It relies heavily on the use of artificial intelligence to create a realistic game, while having a user interface so simple and intuitive that you can learn to play in minutes
License:Shareware, $20 to buy Size: 1.56 MB

Toribash 9)   Toribash 2.1
Toribash is a turn-based fighting game. Create your own martial arts movies in single player sandbox mode, or join the competition in the multi player modes.
License:Shareware, $19.95 to buy Size: 5201KB

Dweep Gold 10)   Dweep Gold 1.40
Winner of 3 major industry awards, Dweep Gold is a refreshingly unique puzzle game with a twist. Creatively guide defenseless Dweep through a hostile environment to save the trapped baby Dweeps. Includes a level editor plus free solutions. Very fun!
License:Shareware, $24.95 to buy Size: 1332KB

New Games / Strategy softs

Spider Solitaire 1)   Spider Solitaire 1.1
Play spider solitaire online for free! No need to download, play the card game directly out of your browser. Try to beat your high score and show off your spider solitaire skills to all your friends! Card Game Solitaire offers the best.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 2520KB

Yukon Solitaire 2)   Yukon Solitaire 1.0
So, you're a solitaire pro in search for a challenge? Yukon Solitaire is a cross between Klondike and Spider Solitaire, and is feels as difficult as the both combined. The Goal of Yukon Solitaire is to get all 52 cards into the four foundations.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 8900KB

TilingKing Game 3)   TilingKing Game 1.0
TilingKing is a strategy game of territorial control much liike the game of Go, in which the objective is to control a larger territory on a tiled game board than your opponent.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 3008KB

4 Suit Spider Solitaire 4)   4 Suit Spider Solitaire 1.0
Now you're in it for a world of pain! This four-suit spider solitaire card game is among the most difficult to be found on our spider solitaire card games website. With four suits, you will be hard-pressed to form any complete stacks of cards withou
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 8055KB

Chinese Chess Soul 5)   Chinese Chess Soul 6.3.5
Chinese Chess is an ancient game of intelligence.People often know some philosophy of life to raise their awareness of ability,thinking and have fun through a chessboard.You can play gainst computer or a friend.All your family members can join in.
License:Shareware, $34.95 to buy Size: 4771KB

Reversi 6)   Reversi 1.0.2
Let's recall the great pleasure of this memorable board game!
License:Freeware, $ to buy Size: 260KB

backgammon 7)   backgammon 1.1.0
Play backgammon against the computer
License:Freeware, $ to buy Size: 262KB

Mancala 8)   Mancala 1.2.0
Play Mancala with the computer
License:Freeware, $ to buy Size: 262KB

SeaWar: The Battleship 2 9)   SeaWar: The Battleship 2 2.54
SeaWar: The Battleship is the hottest 3D implementation of classic battleship game with impressive effects. It features four battle arenas with different ship sets, networked play, embedded chat and unforgettable gameplay.
License:Shareware, $19.95 to buy Size: 3606KB

Probe 10)   Probe
Compete against the three time Computer Stratego World Champion! Select among hundreds of popular game options, like Aggression and One-time Bombs. Create your own setups, or choose from Probe’s database of 50,000 setups.
License:Freeware, $ to buy Size: 28905KB

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