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Electrical Motor Control Circuits 2.50 - at

   This award-winning electrical training program builds on the Basic Techniques program. Here, you will troubleshoot a motor control circuit consisting of a reversing motor controlled garage door. This circuit contains such components as limit switches, three phase reversing motor starter, push buttons, step down transformer, and safety switch. Elementary wiring and connection wiring diagrams will be needed to use to troubleshoot 24 faults of varying difficulty. The program contains sections to describe how the circuit works as well as how to use the troubleshooting tools. The program evaluates the time and money spent to solve the fault and records all the steps performed to solve the fault. This can be used for later analysis of your troubleshooting approach. Safely learn to troubleshoot Motor Control Circuits, Highly realistic simulation of a reversing Motor Control Circuit, Practical hands-on approach with 24 faults to solve, Use an expert's experience to improve your troubleshooting approach, Assess your Troubleshooting Skill, Review your progress and approach with a built in reporting system, Highly realistic simulation - The simulation behaves as the real circuit would. You can remove wires, operate any controls, and the circuit will behave appropriately. This is a true simulation. Realistic Tools. While using Troubleshooting - Motor Control Circuits you are able to perform virtually every operation used on real equipment including: operating the circuit locking out the circuit, taking voltage and resistance readings, opening connections replacing components and wiring, using the observe feature you can even check for visual or other clues to the cause of the fault, A fully simulated door lock circuit is available to practice your troubleshooting skills. Schematics and wiring diagrams can be viewed on screen or printed out to help you understand the circuit and eventually track down problem areas to solve faults.

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Category Home & Education / Others
Operating System Win95,Win98,WinME,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
Developer Business Industrial Network

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