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   CASE Studio 2 is a highly professional and customizable database modeling tool that allows database designers and developers to visualy create and maintain Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) and Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) and generate SQL scripts for various databases automatically. It provides a full support for more than 20 databases, e. g. Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, Sybase, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL etc. CASE Studio 2 main features: Entity relationship diagrams Automatic generation of SQL (DDL) scripts Reverse engineering Generation of detailed HTML and RTF documentation Data Flow Diagrams Export into XML format Version manager, Templates editor...and more. The new version 2.23 brings: Full Support for PostgreSQL 8.1 and Advantage Database Server 8, Enhancements for Oracle 9, Oracle 10, MS SQL 2005, Firebird 1.5, DB2 UDB 8, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8.0 and more.

To see how CASE Studio 2 works, feel free to download the instructional movies:

CASE Studio 2 have been tested by team on 3 June 2006 and have been found 100% clean.

Download link
Size 9171KB
License Commercial
Price 369
Category Programming & Software Development / Database & SQL
Operating System Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP
Developer CHARONWARE s.r.o.

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CASE Studio 2 2)   CASE Studio 2 v 2.23
Powerful database design tool which allows you to visually create Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) for various database systems - MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, InterBase, Sybase etc. Features: ERD, SQL script generation, Reverse engineering...
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Full Convert SQL Server Edition 3)   Full Convert SQL Server Edition 2.3
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Advanced XLS Converter 1)   Advanced XLS Converter 3.25
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Advanced ETL Processor Professional 2)   Advanced ETL Processor Professional
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Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise 3)   Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise
Build Complex Data warehouses and Automate Entire Business Processes, Transfer data from ANY Database into ANY Database or file,Use FTP, Email: POP3 and SMTP, File operations, SQL scripts, Zip and Unzip, Task scheduler and comprehensive logging.
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Advanced ETL Processor 4)   Advanced ETL Processor
Advanced ETL Processor extracts data from any database, transforms, validates it and loads into another database completely automatically. At any time, you can press the "Preview" button and see what the results of an ETL flow would look like.
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Data Exchange Wizard 5)   Data Exchange Wizard
Data Exchange Wizard Loads or export data from/into ANY database. Full support for Excel, Access, DBF and Text files,XML, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Interbase/Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OleDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server Compact and ODBC compliant databases
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Database Browser Portable 6)   Database Browser Portable
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Active Table Editor 7)   Active Table Editor
Design Data Entry Screens and Edit ANY table in ANY Database with ease. Control what users can edit and see. Design menus, Input forms, define security roles. Easy to use and highly customizable
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Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server 8)   Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server 2.0.3
Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server opens damaged files with mdf extension, used by database servers of Microsoft SQL Server format. It supports two ways of recovery, the data of damaged database can be either saved or exported to your database.
License:Shareware, $99 to buy Size: 7537KB

DBF Viewer 2000 9)   DBF Viewer 2000 5.1
A quick and handy DBF viewer and dbf file editor that features a modern multi-document tabbed interface.Includes all you'll need for comfortable DBF browsing. The program also provides full editing capabilities. Convert, print your dbf files
License:Shareware, $39.95 to buy Size: 2665KB

microOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL 10)   microOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.9.1
An easy and powerful visual development system intended for database design, modeling, creation, modification and reverse engineering. Accelerates the process of PostgreSQL database creation. It's easy!
License:Shareware, $124.95 to buy Size: 13351KB

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