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DataPipe 51)   DataPipe 3.6
Advanced interactive search/replace directly in database tables with patterns, fuzzy and sounds-like matching,trim leading and trailing blanks and binary characters,correct capitalization,code your own transform in VBScript or JScript and heaps more!

EZ-Forms-DD250 52)   EZ-Forms-DD250
Visual Eforms (Electronic Forms) Filler (Print, Save too) for the USA Department of Defense's DD250 Material Inspection Receiving Report (MIRR) form. Barcodes (DFARS) now included. Pre-printed NOT required. NO quantity limit. PDF output available.

PDF Content Split 53)   PDF Content Split 3.01
This is an ideal product if you had for example a PDF statement that needed splitting up on account number, PDF Content Split would do this with ease

Forex Rebellion 3.0 54)   Forex Rebellion 3.0 3.0
Forex Rebellion * For Traders by Traders Forex Rebellion was developed by me and I'm a real trader who trades this very system on a daily basis. You can trade this system confidently, knowing that other professionals are also trading it CSV2XML 55) CSV2XML 1.01
CSV to XML converter. Convert CSV files to XML insert statements.

Apimac English-German Dictionary 56)   Apimac English-German Dictionary 4.1
Apimac English German Dictionary combines all the necessary stuff for students learning German, a comprehensive and up to date dictionary with grammatical notes and a huge phrase book containing thousands of English phrases with German translation

SMARTi COLD for Alfresco 57)   SMARTi COLD for Alfresco 3.1.7
SMARTi COLD captures high volumes of host computer source documents for online storage, retrieval and distribution from within Alfresco ECM. Eliminates printing and hard copy distribution.

Paper Valet 58)   Paper Valet 2.1.09
Easily scan, categorize, store, and retrieve your bills, statements, invoices, receipts, and other documents digitally on your Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP PC using your TWAIN or WIA compatible scanner.

WinExtract Data Extraction 59)   WinExtract Data Extraction 4.1.02
Who doesn´t know this problem: You have a large data stock and need to find certain information. With WinExtract, this isn´t a problem anymore. - filter or extract addresses, website logs, member lists,... - remove doublets - merge several list

Web Work Order 60)   Web Work Order 2.2
Web Work Order is a browser based system for processing work orders from start to completion. Create work orders and assign them to staff. Use the web to submit orders, check on the work expected due date, whether the job is complete etc.

ShellDispenser 61)   ShellDispenser 1.0
Close, start or restart Windows Explorer the proper way (i.e. not just killing the process) with the press of a key, or from the command line. If restarting the shell is a part of your job, then ShellDispenser is the tool you have been looking for!

Tiff to Text 62)   Tiff to Text 3.0
Tiff to Text is designed to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in a batch process. The program utilizes the OCR engine from Nuance (Owners of OMNI Page - formally ScanSoft) that is included with Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI).

Caliber FX Pro 3.0 63)   Caliber FX Pro 3.0 3.0
Caliber FX Pro: Unfortunately the vast majority of trading software is incapable of actually bring in profitable results reliably and consistently. Of course there are never any guarantees with the Forex market but what EVERY SINGLE EA

EZ-Forms PRO 64)   EZ-Forms PRO
As "EZ" as scan/import - point - click - insert/automate fields - go. Create Stand-alone electronic forms Pre-printed-form data-only overlay mode. Import PDFs (Acrobat), Bitmap Images Import/Export Data Encryption availabable Wizards make it EZ

EZ-Forms Express Filler 65)   EZ-Forms Express Filler
EZ-Forms Express Filler for eforms (visual electronic forms) Fillout, Save, Modify, Print, Email, FAX(driver required), etc. eforms created with EZ-Forms ULTRA, EZ-Forms PRO, EZ-Forms Express Designers. Encryption enabled. Network/Internet compliant.

NotesToMyself 66)   NotesToMyself 3.0
Simple, effective note keeping program. Add icon to Task Bar and Notes is a click away for use while using any other program. An invaluable working tool. Categorize note topic for searching. Cut/paste to and from Notes. Delete or archive old notes.

Text2PDF Pilot 67)   Text2PDF Pilot 1.40
Converts RTF and text documents to PDF files. The program supports different PDF security options, password protection and different compression modes. Using batch conversion mode, you can convert a large amount of documents.

PDF2XL Enterprise: Convert PDF to Excel 68)   PDF2XL Enterprise: Convert PDF to Excel 3.2.2
PDF2XL Enterprise is designed to handle the conversion of data from PDF to Excel, from scanned PDFs to Excel or from any other application, screen or report to Excel quickly and accurately.

Encrypt PDF Command Line 69)   Encrypt PDF Command Line 2.31
Encrypt PDF Command Line helps you encrypt PDF by Command Line. With this software, you can protect your PDF files.

MetaTrader 70)   MetaTrader 4.0
Metatrader 4 is the most frequently used trading platform nowadays. Not only does it allow automated trading with Expert Advisors (EAs) and Scripts, but it is also very transparent and user-friendly.

SimpleIndex 71)   SimpleIndex 7.0
Easy and affordable tool for scanning, OCR and document management. Organizes files automatically with barcode recognition, OCR and database integration, making document imaging simple and affordable. Desktop and unattended server processing modes.

eToro 72)   eToro 1.0
Etoro is foreign currency exchange platform was designed to be user friendly and helpful to beginning traders that have no experience in forex trading. Once users registers for eToro and downloads the software.

MetaDataMiner Catalogue PRO Francais 73)   MetaDataMiner Catalogue PRO Francais 4.2.19
Creation de catalogues de fichiers avec leurs propriétés et métadonnees sous forme de pages HTML avec liens vers les documents, export de listes de répertoires au format XML, CSV, Word.

AuctionNavigator 74)   AuctionNavigator
The AuctionNavigator is Bidding, Sniping program for buyers and sellers at the eBay auction that helps them win by bidding during the last seconds. Sniping is the art of placing last second bids on eBay. Sniping is the key to winning auctions!

Print2Flash 75)   Print2Flash 4.0
Print2Flash lets you easily convert any printable document to an Adobe Flash (SWF) file or HTML page or SVG file. This file can be easily published on the web for easy access to it for anyone with Internet access.

EZ-Forms ULTRA 76)   EZ-Forms ULTRA
Create DataBase enabled or stand-alone electronic forms As EZ as scan/import - point - click - automate fields - data enable - go! Form/data/view encryption. Overlays. Scan, Insert PDFs, Graphics, Database, Im/Export Data - Wizards make it EZ

Doc Organizer 77)   Doc Organizer 3.3
The program organizes your documents, files and folders (from removable drives as well - for example, USB Flash drive) by categories, regardless of their type.

Forex Megadroid Robot 78)   Forex Megadroid Robot 7
Forex Robots Compared: Forex Megadroid Vs FAP TURBO Vs IVYBot Forex. Live Tested by Real Forex Megadroid Users

EZ-Forms Express 79)   EZ-Forms Express
Fill-out, SAVE, Print millions of PDF forms/docs (Adobe Acrobat) Scan paper forms for quick on-screen typeover fill-out. Fill-out imported form images (JPG PNG etc.) too. As "EZ" as - open, point, click, type, print, go. Encryption enabled.

Activity and Expense Tracker Plus 80)   Activity and Expense Tracker Plus 1.7.9
This free trial software includes a Time Management Tool that helps you to keep track of all your projects and their related tasks and expenses. Also includes Invoice, Contact and Password Trackers and a Universal Calculator. For Mac and Windows.

PDF to Word RTF Converter 81)   PDF to Word RTF Converter 1.0
Converter PDF document to Word rtf document. Render text , images and shapes ( lines , rectangle ...) to Word rtf format document No needed 3. party components

EZ-Forms ULTRA Viewer 82)   EZ-Forms ULTRA Viewer
- View, Print, Email, FAX (driver required), eforms (visual electronic forms) created with EZ-Forms ULTRA/EZ-Forms Designer. - Encryption enabled. (pw reqd.) - View web enabled eforms.

Keyword Corral 83)   Keyword Corral 1.0
Keyword Corral Free Download for Windows Operating Systems. Once you download this FREE Software and Video, you can find Low Competition, High-Traffic Money Keywords in 1/10th the time it usuallt takes you.

What Causes Anxiety Attacks 84)   What Causes Anxiety Attacks 1.0
What causes anxiety attacks cheap web traffic best seo service promotion. Discover a rapid surefire way to get your website to page one of Google, with a regular flood of targeted traffic - That is quickly converted into loyal customers!

VisualStamp 85)   VisualStamp
Put customized stamps on any page of any PDF document without the need for Adobe Acrobat. Your stamps can be as simple as "Confidential" across every page, or specialized watermarks. Stamping PDF documents has never been easier.

IvyBot 3.0 86)   IvyBot 3.0 3.0
IvyBot: Even if you have never heard anything about Forex before, that is ok. As we have said throughout our site this is all very SIMPLE. We all understand what a dollar is, what we can and cannot buy for a dollar.

WinPDF 87)   WinPDF 1.0
With WindPDF you will be able to create password protected high-quality PDF files from almost any application for Microsoft Windows like Microsoft Office, Picture Software, Business Software and many many more.....

Aloaha PDF Crypter 88)   Aloaha PDF Crypter 2.1.252
Aloaha PDFCrypter seals your PDF with the public key of the recipient. Non PDF files are beeing compressed and PKCS#7 enveloped. No special decryption client needed. Adobe Reader 6 or 7 is enough. Seal PDF Documents secure!

Galileo document generator 89)   Galileo document generator 4.4
Galileo document generator is a management tool for preparing printed materials.

PHP Code Generator 90)   PHP Code Generator 1.5
PHP MySQL Wizard is an innovative, smart and affordable PHP code generator. With no programming experience, the amazing tool can be used to create web apps made entirely from your MySQL database!

PDFArea PDF Encrypt 91)   PDFArea PDF Encrypt 6.0
PDF Encrypt is a quick and easy-to-use PDF utility that is designed to batch encrypt PDF documents. It Supports 40-bit RC4, 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES and 256-bit AES Encryption.

ParmisPDF Lite 92)   ParmisPDF Lite 3.0
ParmisPDF is a perfect PDF tool with the ability to perform wide range of operations on PDF documents, comprising a user-friendly interface ideal for users of any skill level. This application is useful for businesses and organizations in any scale

Xilisoft PDF to EPUB Converter 93)   Xilisoft PDF to EPUB Converter
Aimed at electronic book (eBook) users looking for a quick, easy, and efficient way to convert PDF files to EPUB format, Xilisoft PDF to EPUB Converter makes it possible to view PDF files on eBooks by converting them to EPUB format.

Forex Magic Bullet 6.0 94)   Forex Magic Bullet 6.0 6.0
Forex Magic Bullet: Let's put Forex trading profits into their proper perspective: -How long does it normally take you to achieve around $1,000 or $10,000 in your regular job? I'm guessing that's anywhere from a week to a month or two of hard work

Forex Over Drive 3.0 95)   Forex Over Drive 3.0 3.0
Forex Over Drive * Customizable settings: Change Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Trailing Stop as Desired. * No need for a huge minimum deposit! Start with as little as $150! (Forex Over Drive will work with any amount of money). * Setup

Antamedia Medical Software 96)   Antamedia Medical Software 1.1.0
Antamedia Medical Billing software is complete solution for efficient, reliable and modern management of your clinic, hospital or medical practice. It’s all-in-one software that offers many features which helps in everyday work.

Resveratrol Wine 97)   Resveratrol Wine 2.0 -- A calculator made by Resveratrol Plus Rx Perfect for your desktop! Resveratrol Plus Rx is better than other resveratrol supplements.Why? Because of our proprietary formula!

PpcSoft iKnow Pro 98)   PpcSoft iKnow Pro 2009
PpcSoft iKnow is a personal knowledge management tool for professional knowledge workers that will help you manage information overload ! Remember more, save time and increase your productivity.

Forex Auto Advisor 3.0 99)   Forex Auto Advisor 3.0 3.0
Forex Auto Advisor: Let's get serious here. I've created this service for two reasons... 1) The technology is finally here to automatically transmit all of the stuff I do every single day. I'd be a fool not to share out my trades to my stude

Find Desktop Standard 100)   Find Desktop Standard 1.60
Full-text indexing, OCR engine, highlight of the serached terms directly on the original document (electronic or image files)

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