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SDR Key Recorder 201)   SDR Key Recorder 1.1
SDR Key Recorder is a easy to use application that will give you the possibility to record your key strokes. You can record different key combinations that you can play on the touch of a simple shortcut key.

Stealth Banner 202)   Stealth Banner Updated
The Banner Generator is an application through which you can create amazing banners for your site. The Banner generator is the smart and easiest way to create a banner.

Apis - Macro Recorder 203)   Apis - Macro Recorder 2.2.3
If to you don’t need to repeat the same operations with a mouse or a keyboard 10 times a day, you can use Apis Ceratina - Robo Mouse. Apis Ceratina gives an opportunity to show your actions to a computer once, and then reproduce them.

Smart Mail Notifier 204)   Smart Mail Notifier 2.0
Smart Mail Notifier is a tiny user friendly software for checking mail and RSS. Being located in the system tray it checks mail automatically and displays new messages in a usable way.

autotext-Typing Buddy 205)   autotext-Typing Buddy 1.5
You can assign a short string (trigger) to a much longer phrase and when you need that phrase somewhere all you have to di is to type your trigger

website submitter MPS 206)   website submitter MPS 2.0
website submitter mps. making people sucessful in a changing world.things go better with website submitter mps.

HydraMouse - Free Version 207)   HydraMouse - Free Version 3.0
HydraMouse assigns various actions to the buttons of your mouse (button remapping), even if it has more than 5 buttons! Actions can be assigned to combinations of buttons, buttons and keys, single or double-clicks, system-wide or application-wise...

Beat Car Insurance Quote 208)   Beat Car Insurance Quote 1.6
Auto insurance policy may cover insured party, insured vehicle as well as third party that are involved in the accident. Sometimes policy is valid for certain circumstances. Different policies are available for the customers

TypingBuddy 209)   TypingBuddy 1.5
reduce time consuming, repetitive task through the use of abbreviations. For example, quickly answer emails, or launch your favorite applications or folders even websites by typing an word in any application.

advanced website submitter 210)   advanced website submitter 2.1
website submitter, you'll love it!website submitter, in touch with tomorrow.

EasyDVDEdit 211)   EasyDVDEdit 1.0
EasyDVDEdit is a very simple tool that makes possible to change languages of audio tracks without complicated remuxing process.

iChameleon 212)   iChameleon 2.0
Automate anything you do on the Internet such as posting ads to sites like Craigslist, sending bulk emails, creating users accounts, filling web forms, automating any daily tasks you perform on the Internet.

eMail-Lead Grabber Business 213)   eMail-Lead Grabber Business 2011
eMail-Lead Grabber is a web form leads processing software. It automatically transfers the email leads and web forms to your database like Excel, ACT!, Goldmine, Access and schedules follow up, send auto response email, distribute leads to sales team

Computer Repair directory submitter 214)   Computer Repair directory submitter 2.0
Computer Repair Chicago, directory submitter, Submitting to free directories is one of the easiest way to have one way free inbound links to our sites. This directory submission software contains a list of over 200 directories

Script Error Killer 215)   Script Error Killer
IE Script Error Automated Killer, You do not have to close it by hand anymore. It will be closed automatically before you can even see it by our automation script.

Keyfinder Advanced 216)   Keyfinder Advanced 2011
The New Product Key Finder 2011 retrieves your Product Key (cd key) used to install Windows, Office, Adobe products, and more. If you have lost your product key, use Keyfinder to retrieve it. Or, use Keyfinder to back up your product keys.

Streaming Direct Cleaner 217)   Streaming Direct Cleaner V1.0
Use this Free and Easy to Use utility to clean up the junk reside in your computer. This utility automatically searches for the junk files in your PC. With a click of button, you are all set to enjoy your favorite TV shows from Streaming Direct TV!

Beginners Guide To Membership Sites Software 218)   Beginners Guide To Membership Sites Software 1.0
Beginners Guide to Membership Sites. Discover 15 Membership Site Building Tips! Membership websites are the wave of the twenty-first century, not for one reason but for several reasons. One reason is that the whole world has become computerized.

AdMaster 219)   AdMaster 1.0.3

website submitter Mypersonalsubmitter 220)   website submitter Mypersonalsubmitter 2.1
website submitter it's a kind of submitter, where success is at home.

Task Attender 221)   Task Attender 1.0
Task Attender is a program for the Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating system designed for automating tasks frequently repeated on the computer. These tasks include copying, backing up, renaming files, running programs, etc.

OpcDbGateway 222)   OpcDbGateway
Configuring and running of data exchange between various sources - OPC servers, OPC client applications, device communication drivers, data handling, monitoring, storage into process databases, trends, alarms, logging, reports, integrating to SOA.

Active Directory Plus 223)   Active Directory Plus
Everything you wished you could do with Microsoft's Active Directory Users and Computers...

EMCO noPing ShutDown 224)   EMCO noPing ShutDown 1.0.0
Can Reboot/Shutdown/Logoff/Poweroff your machine if connection to the internet has been lost for xx minutes. It's a program that sits in the TrayBar.

Green Pulse 225)   Green Pulse 1.0.0
Green Pulse is an effective program which controls and reduces the energy usage of your computer without interfering with your work. It works without human intervention, so you don't have to change your habits or learn how to manage it.

SaSync 226)   SaSync 3.0
SaSync is a small tool for synchronizing files and folders either locally or via network in background. It's primary function is the synchronization of data with a file server, but it can also be used for synchronizing data with external devices.

Mobile Macros 227)   Mobile Macros 1.1
Now you can record stylus events (taps and moves) into an editable text file and replay them when needed

Slicksync Firefox Synchronizer Pro 228)   Slicksync Firefox Synchronizer Pro 1.0
Slicksync Firefox Synchronizer Pro makes it easy to synchronize your FireFox bookmarks and settings to a local, network or removable drive!

Slicksync Outlook Express Synchronizer Pro 229)   Slicksync Outlook Express Synchronizer Pro 1.0
Slicksync Outlook Express Synchronizer Pro makes it easy to synchronize your Outlook Express mail and address book to a local, network or removable drive!

Slicksync Quicken Synchronizer Basic 230)   Slicksync Quicken Synchronizer Basic 1.0
Slicksync Quicken Synchronizer Basic makes it easy to synchronize your Quicken data files to a local, network or removable drive!

Slicksync Windows Live Mail Synchronizer Pro 231)   Slicksync Windows Live Mail Synchronizer Pro 1.0
Slicksync Windows Live Mail Synchronizer Pro makes it easy to synchronize your Windows Live Mail contacts and mail to a local, network or removable drive!

Increase Windows 7 Speed 232)   Increase Windows 7 Speed 1.0
This program gives you everything you want to increase your windows 7 Speed

Touchpad Pal 233)   Touchpad Pal 1.1
When you are typing a text on your laptop and your thumb accidentally brushes the touchpad, this leads to change the position of the cursor in your document and you need start typing again and again. Touchpad Pal solves this problem.

Techscheduler Advanced 234)   Techscheduler Advanced 7.00
TechScheduler lets you schedule programs or system options to run at specified times. You can use it to schedule programs or batch files, system activities (such as shutting down or restarting), network logouts, file activities, keystrokes, and more.

Diskeeper 2010 Professional 235)   Diskeeper 2010 Professional 2010
When fragmentation occurs, the system has already wasted precious I/O resources by writing fragmented files to many spaces on the disk instead of contiguously to one spot. Now you can prevent up to 85% of the fragmentation written to disk.

Automatic Mouse Clicker MWW 236)   Automatic Mouse Clicker MWW 1.0
Automate repetitive mouse clicks and let the software utility do mouse clicks for you. This program is lightweight and clicks anywhere you place your mouse at the intervals and times you specify.

Runbook Automation Ayehu eyeShare 237)   Runbook Automation Ayehu eyeShare 3.6
Ayehu is the leading provider of Run-Book Automation & IT Automation Solutions. eyeShare™, the company's product Empowers your IT staff, resolve complex problems quickly by automating resolution process & ITIL procedures.

Toilet and Potty Training Toddlers Tips 238)   Toilet and Potty Training Toddlers Tips 1.0
Toilet training toddlers article submitter.This software tool is a simple desktop application you can register for all these directories without actually having to go to the sites.

Slicksync Windows Live Messenger Synchronizer Pro 239)   Slicksync Windows Live Messenger Synchronizer Pro 1.0
Slicksync Windows Live Messenger Synchronizer Pro makes it easy to synchronize your emoticons, backgrounds, winks, user tiles, moods and message history to a local, network or removable drive!

Total Folder Monitor 240)   Total Folder Monitor 1.3
Total Folder Monitor will watch your folders and execute predefined actions. They include creating file list; pinging; running some application; copying, moving or deleting some file; terminating project or task; packing/unpacking files.

Easy Mouse Lock 241)   Easy Mouse Lock 1.0
Lock Mouse cursor with Easy Lock Mouse Utility within user defined rectangle.Mouse is released when utility closed.The main screen of the utility can be minimised automatically when mouse cursor is locked.Register for $3.00 and get free upgrades.

directory submitter 2.0 242)   directory submitter 2.0 2.0
directory submitter empowers submitter makes dreams come true.

wndlpt 243)   wndlpt 0.2.8
WinLpt is a handy 12 LPT port pins manager. The program allows to control the output LPT port manually or automatically in strict accordance with the commands script. Music Visualization for 8 or 12 LEDs is available (Winamp, WMP, AIMP2).

AutoTask 244)   AutoTask 1.0.0
AutoTask records all operation of mouse and keystrokes and saves them as macros. It can play back the recorded macros to automate recorded tasks any number of times.It is very easy to use and doesn't require any programming experience.

Platinum Guard 245)   Platinum Guard 4.0.0
Platinum Guard helps you to remove any unnecessary files from your computer, allowing Windows to perform faster, while also freeing up some valuable hard disk space, which otherwise would have been lost.

Slicksync Firefox Synchronizer Basic 246)   Slicksync Firefox Synchronizer Basic 1.0
Slicksync Firefox Synchronizer Basic makes it easy to synchronize your FireFox bookmarks and settings to a local, network or removable drive!

Slicksync Windows Calendar Synchronizer Basic 247)   Slicksync Windows Calendar Synchronizer Basic 1.0
Slicksync Windows Calendar Synchronizer Basic makes it easy to synchronize your Windows Calendar data to a local, network or removable drive!

Slicksync WordPerfect Synchronizer Basic 248)   Slicksync WordPerfect Synchronizer Basic 1.0
Slicksync WordPerfect Synchronizer Basic makes it easy to synchronize your WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Presentation files to a local, network or removable drive!

Free VeeSee 249)   Free VeeSee
The main function of Free VeeSee® Hardware Information are viewing the current hardware’s information, such as the detailed information of CPU, mainboard, memory, graphics card, display and keeping computer monitored.This is totally free for users.

Find Current User 250)   Find Current User
Find Current User is a powerful tool that helps you find out who's logged on to which computer in seconds!

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